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Miles Opera House
House, built in 1904. It had several purposes, first for operas and plays and later as a hotel that closed in 1950.

Restored in 1976, the two-story Opera House is now a meeting place for all residents and serves as the Senior Citizens' Center. Seniors enjoy various activities throughout the week, along with noon meals that are served three days a week.

The Opera House has four rooms upstairs, including a large auditorium, and several rooms downstairs, including a parlor, dining room, kitchen, hall, office and workroom.

The rooms house antiques from the early 20th century. Among the items on display are a 1900's multi-tiered pump organ that stands more than six feet tall, an 1847 Box Rosewood piano, old telephones and photographs, early 20th century clothing, World War II artifacts and the Texas Dollhouse Village.  

The “Hello Central” room, where the first switchboard in Miles was located, has a 1920's radio with a large gramaphone.  

Miles Library
Paperbacks and hardbacks cover a variety of reading interests including western, romance, adventure, mystery, science-fiction, classics, biography, travel, history, war, health and medicine, religion, philosophy, literature, poetry, geography, gardening, crafts, photography and children's books. There is also a wide selection of magazines, and a twice-a-month story time for children is held from September through May.

The library is located in downtown Miles and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  

The Miles Library was established by the Miles Preservation Authority in 1989. This library has a collection of over 15,000 books which operates on the self-serve/honesty policy. No librarian is on duty. A volunteer takes care of the facility when needed. There is no check-out system or library card. Patrons may take books and return them they are finished, whether that's a week or three months later. There are no fines either.

All of the books in the library have been donated by local residents as well as people from all across Texas and the United States. The carpet, furniture, some book shelves and light fixtures also have been donated.   

Rumley Tractor
The 1909 Advanced Rumley tractor, which sits along U. S. Highway 67, weighs 24,470 pounds and has a maximum speed of 2½ miles per hour.

The tractor was used to thrash grain, break land, grade roads and move houses out of Miles. It runs on kerosene and water and its radiator uses oil instead of water to keep the temperature more even.

The Rumley once belonged to Frank Schwertner, a long time farmer in the area who died in 1928. Schwertner immigrated to Texas from Austria in the 1870s and established the town of Schwertner in Williamson County by building the first cotton gin.

The tractor was used for the last time in 1925.  

Miles Museum  
Located inside the historic 1904 Miles Opera House, the Miles Heritage Museum has a large display of historical pictures and artifacts of Miles and its pioneers, businesses, organizations and families. 

Red Brick Road 
Six-tenths of a mile remains of the historic brick streets that were laid in downtown Miles in 1926. An average of 70 to 75 bricks lie side by side across the street in straight lines. None of the bricks has ever been replaced, due to the fact that they were set three inches deep in a concrete foundation.

The bricks were shipped by rail and then hauled downtown by wagon and mules. Local school boys took tongs and carried six to eight bricks to the sole brick mason who did all the work.

The historic bricks begin as you enter downtown over the railroad tracks and continue for four blocks up to Third Street. They also stretch about a block on either side of main street along First, Second and Third Streets.  

Old City Jail
The jail was built in the mid 1920s to replace a wooden structure erected in the late 1800s. Two cells housed prisoners arrested for minor offenses, such as public drunkeness or disorderly conduct.

A stock pen once located behind the building was used as a temporary “jail” for any loose livestock. The owner then had to pay to get the animal out.

The city jail is located next to the city water tower.  

Miles MPA Memorial Park

Miles MPA Park 

Kornegay-Treadaway Memorial Park
This Park Also Contains A Nice Stage (A Memorial Was Designed And Constructed By: Jaton Treadaway)